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BLANCA.art is the project name of a Berlin artist, producing color photography, intuitive drawings and recycling art. Blanca has worked and exhibited in Kunstraum SIAM since 2008. 

Blanca is of East-Western origin, with a bicultural, Sorbian and German, background. Her own family is also multi-culti (African-European). She travelled most of Western Europe, and has lived in England and in Senegal.

Further activities:

In 2018/2019 Blanca participated in the Artpaed+ program for Berlin artists, qualifying to offer extracurricular cultural training (= Kulturelle Bildung / Kubi).

Solo photo exhibitions:

. 2002 Meerbaumhaus, Berlin:  Berlin-Pikine (my son’s family portraits)

. 1995/1996 Förderband e.V., Berlin : Blanca - Bunte Bilder (Blanca Colorama)

. 1995 Frauenkulturzentrum, München : Lazuli + Augenstern

. 1994 SKI e.V., Berlin: Dele ladajo (Looking down)

Previous activities:

As a trained translator and interpreter, Blanca formerly translated mainly womens’ literature and biographies. For years she worked in the film industry, mostly as a script consultant / dubbing editor.

Blanca has also written some film scenarios, adaptations and serial concepts herself (all unpublished / available so far).